Lawato enables lawyers to be lawyers.

As a partner, we help you by optimizing any of your daily tasks, be it client onboarding, managing cases or sending invoices. Automation, notifications, communication channels and many more - that's on us too.


Client Management

Get a clear client overview and manage your client data efficiently. Perform KYC or KYB and AML checks instantly without leaving the platform.


Task and Case Management

Create, assign and track your tasks. Connect them to the client, case or other item. Collaborate on any case project via secured chat.


Time Tracking

Experience new ways to track your time and make more billable entries. Let your profession be your joy!

Clear benefit for your law firm environment.

With seamless data integrity you can focus on what you are best at instead of duplicating your work.

Peace of mind with tasks

Instantly create a task, link it to any item or delegate it to a team member.

Decrease onboarding time

Save time on client onboarding using instant KYC, KYB and AML checks.

Created with business continuity in mind.

Imagine you receive an incoming call from a client, for example, the relevant file is opened, you can start a timer, see all documents and billing status at a glance. It's just the beginning.

No "ghost hours"

Register every minute of your work and bill it later with ease.

Task management

Spend time on high-end legal work, not creating repetitive tasks.

Clients data

Work with clients effectively and get notified of their events.

Case details

All related case data aggregates in a simple dashboard.

Simplified invoices

Simply choose items that need to be on the bill and send it.

Required reports

Be it time utilization, team efficiency or other - it's one click away.

Explore the true value!

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